The Karnataka state tax practitioners association is a registered society under the provisions of the Karnataka societies act, 1960. The association was working for the welfare of the tax practitioners of Karnataka since more than 35 years as registered body headed by late Hombal, who was the president of the association till his demise. The association respectfully remembers the services of many more such personalities who were instrumental in founding this association, an only association which is working for the welfare of the tax practitioners fraternity. As the old documents were last the association was registered in the year 2005-06, bearing number 364/05-06, at registrar of societies, Bangalore as a state body. We have to remember the services of the Sri B.A. Pawar, Sri I G Urankar, Sri D V Gavade, Sri D R Gujjar, Sri D L Chellal, Sri Banikoppa, Sri Brahmoji Rao, Sri S S Patil, Sri Sunil Kalburgi, Madhusudan Ital, Sri B S K Rao, Sri Atul K Alur, Sri S Prakash, Sri Shakar, Sri Radesh Jambagi, Sri Basavaraj, Sri Kottarahalli Channappa, Sri Kantharaj, Sri R G Muralidhar,Sri B T Manohar,, Sri Matapathi, Sri Hundikar, Sri Narasimha murthy, Sri Shankar and many more senior practitioners whose name we might have forgotten but it is our duty to respect the feelings of these selfless personalities who are the pillars of this association. Kindly with whole heartedly excuse us if we have not mentioned any names by mistakes and hope you will excuse us and we know that you will not take these thinks seriously, as you never has anything personal while working for the association. If any of our elderly members knows any person's name is left out kindly inform us and we will be happy to respect them.

The association was started with the aim of developing friendly relationship among the members, and to fight for the rights and a place in the income tax act and then sales tax act, through a bill "Karnataka tax practitioners bill", which was well drafted by our Belgaum members and was presented to the state legislature, but unfortunately, the bill never reached its end and in between number suggestions and consultations was made. Fortunately the practitioners were allowed to sigh the 44AB audit report at par with the other tax professionals for one year, but the section was amended by the government because of the unknown hands involvement. Since then fighting for the 44AB audit under the income tax act 1961 has become a major agenda of the association and the members expect the same from the association, even though the time and situation has changed lot since then and especially after the introduction of the GST.

Now the main aim of the association is continues education to the members, training in the software's, conducting the seminars and workshops for the upliftment of the members specially the young one, apart from representing before the authorities whenever there is difficulty in practitioners to practice as tax practitioners and the like. To the association has till date not reached to the height of the other associations which are working with the same object. The association formed one more association called the institute of tax practitioners of India, in the leadership of Sri R G Muralidhar, and Sri Shridhar Parthasarthi, Sri Nanjundi Prasad and team from Bangalore, of Karnataka and Sri Ganeshan of Kerala, members from Andhra Pradesh, Sri S S Sathyanarayan and others. Here we have to remember Sri Dr M V K Murthy, supreme court advocate. whose timely advise to the practitioners is worth remembering and he is instrumental in taking the practitioners in to top, a body working for the tax practitioners of all kinds, and with the only object of education, training and research etc., with an all India base involving the members of the other state association members, and it is trying to do something in the field of education, but we are facing some teaching problems in it.

We Are trying to create this web site only with an object of education and to keep in touch with all and to develop the fraternity in all aspects of education and training. This has become a part of everyday life after the introduction of the GST. If you have any suggestions for the improvement of this web site kindly give constructive suggestions and help for the future generation of the tax practitioners.

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